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What is Urine Medication Monitoring using Confirmation Urinalysis?

Confirmation Urinalysis is a useful, non-invasive tool that allows healthcare providers to obtain reliable information about their patients’ use or misuse of prescribed medications, non-prescribed medications and illicit substances in order to make informed clinical decisions regarding treatment.

Why should I test my patient’s urine?

Due to the overwhelming abuse of prescription medication and drugs of abuse, the government has placed regulations on how a physician will monitor the prescribing of narcotics.  Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for Oklahoma Health Care Providers in the Office-Based Setting suggests physicians prescribing these medications to test patients on their initial visit as well as implement a program to test randomly while under the physician’s care.

How will Urine Medication Monitoring benefit the physician?

Drug testing can help providers confirm medication adherence compliance by detecting the prescribed compound and/or expected metabolites of that drug.  It may also help identify prescription diversion or abuse of drugs that are not prescribed.  Through careful interpretation of test results, clinicians are able to monitor compliance to treatment plans to ensure patient safety and improved outcomes.

How will Urine Medication Monitoring benefit the patient?

Patients who are tested can be assured that their physician is complying with the required regulations and using safe prescribing practices.  Medication Monitoring can also prove or disprove a less accurate Point of Care test.  If in certain circumstances the physician is only doing POC testing, some patients might be released from care due to inaccurate test results.

How often should patients be tested?

Best practice in most settings include testing at initial assessment, followed by random tests several times a year.

How can the Point of Care (POC) screen be different from Provectus Lab results?

The POC screening devices are often subject to a phenomenon known as cross-reactivity.  Some unrelated compounds may cause a positive result even though the target drug or compound is not actually found in the specimen.  Provectus Diagnostics preforms analysis via LC/MS/MS, which is highly drug-specific and not subject to cross-reactivity, ensuring an accurate result.

Do Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance cover the service?

Absolutely.  All payers participate in some form of coverage for this type of testing.  Commercial insurance plans will cover these tests.  However, the patient’s responsibility will be determined by the coverages that they have chosen with the payer.  Some patients may have a co-pay for which they will be responsible.

Who can I call to ask for help with interpretation of results?

Our skilled toxicologists have years of experience and are available to answer any questions you have.  Call (918) 949-4526 to speak with our expert staff during normal business hours.

What is Antibiotic Stewardship?

Antibiotic Stewardship is the effort to measure antibiotic prescribing; to improve antibiotic prescribing by clinicians and use by patients so that antibiotics are only prescribed and used when needed.

Why is Antibiotic Stewardship Important?

Inappropriate antibiotic use contributes to the spread of antibiotic resistance, increased health care costs, adverse drug reactions and health care and community-associated infections.

What is the purpose of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing?

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests are used to determine which specific antibiotics a particular bacteria or fungus is sensitive to.

Why is it important to perform Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing?

To detect possible drug resistance in common pathogens and to assure susceptibility to drugs of choice for particular infections.

Why is Antimicrobial testing done?

To determine which Antimicrobial will inhibit the growth of the bacteria or fungi causing a specific infection.

What is the main goal of Antimicrobial treatment?

To eradicate bacteria at the site of the infection.

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Our goal at Provectus Diagnostics is to promote the appropriate use of Antimicrobials through the Antibiotic Stewardship Program, which can have a broad impact on improving clinical outcomes while reducing overall Healthcare costs.

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