Definitive Toxicology Testing

What is a Toxicology Screen?

A toxicology screen is a test that determines the approximate amount and type of legal or illegal drugs that you have taken. It may be used to screen for drug abuse, to monitor a substance abuse problem, or to evaluate drug intoxication or overdose. Toxicology screening can be done fairly quickly. The results can show the presence of one specific drug or a variety of drugs at once. To determine the exact amount of a particular drug in the body and to confirm the results, further tests may be needed.

Features & Benefits 

Definitive Toxicology Testing has several clinical benefits, including reduction of false positives, improved assessment of patient compliance, decreased turn around time, cost savings and increased detection of drug use and abuse.

Provectus Diagnostics - Definitive Toxicology Testing

At Provectus Diagnostics our goal is to provide objective diagnostic information through Definitive Toxicology Testing, by using state of art equipment, to make appropriate and informed decisions that enhance treatment and improved outcomes.

Provectus Diagnostics - Definitive Toxicology Testing

Advantages of using Provectus

Through the use of our proprietary specimen preparation process, Provectus Diagnostics is able to achieve some of the lowest reportable limits (cut-offs) in the clinical toxicology testing industry for opioid / opiate and benzodiazepine drug classes.

  • Extended drug testing panels
  • Easy to understand Toxicology Reporting
  • Easily accessible by phone
  • Standard turn-around time for toxicology reporting is 24-36 hrs
  • Committed to maintaining the highest level of Reporting

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Provectus Diagnostics - Still Have Questions?

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Provectus Diagnostics - Still Have Questions?
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